Types of Investments

There are many ways to invest your money. Discover how each type of investment works, so you can pick the right one for the right purpose. Stocks or bonds? Investment funds, real estate or gold? Before you buy, recognize how to identify and sort investments by their similarities and differences.

 This section of the ProsperiGuide website, Types of Investments, will help you to:

  • Explore asset classes by risk, return and more, including cash, fixed income, equities and alternatives and real estate
  • Discover the many subcategories of asset classes
  • Evaluate features and options of different investment types (such as large or small companies, Canadian or foreign securities)
  • Read about stock options and other long-term incentives
  • Identify investment funds and make sense of the unending variations by:
    • Reviewing investment fund reports
    • Examining how to compare and contrast similar funds